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Diaper Cake DIY August 28, 2013

Do It Yourself Diaper Cake

What You Will Need:

1. A box of diapers (any brand is fine).
2. Rubber bands at least 6 large ones.
3. Clean round bowls or cake pans in different sizes.
4. Twine or curling ribbon.
5. Decorative ribbon and goodies for baby.
6. Dowel rod.

What To Do:

1. Put the diapers in a spiral and form a circle as shown. Use the cake pan to help you keep the shape.
2. Tie with two to three large rubber bands.
3. Repeat with second and third tiers.
4. Tie with curling ribbon.
5. Stack and place dowel rod in the middle.
6. Decorate with wide colorful ribbons and toys, hair accessories and baby goodies.







How to Deliver Advice March 1, 2013

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This is by far my favorite idea for A’s baby shower. But before I share it with you, let me fill you in on my overall idea. You know, the theme of sorts of this soiree.

Imagine a quick fanfare, then me moshing like a dork before stating the obvious: Babies and …

Just kidding.

I wanted something cute and playful, so I decided to make the theme “Ruffles and Lace”.

Vague. I know. I heard that from my mom already but I think I can pull this frilly, cute, colorful and semi artsy idea off. The theme comes from a conversation I had with A. We were talking about the things we liked and wished we had or could do growing up.

I got to do a lot of the things I wanted growing up, so my list was short and mostly related to age restrictions.  A’s, on the other hand, dealt with the awkwardness of high school with just a dash of wishful thinking. In high school she wanted to wear the cute girly clothes and be trendy. Instead, she had her regular clothes and not much wiggle room for clothing related creativity.

Now, I know I am going on and on with what may seem pointless but I just want to make sure A knows that we love her, trendy or not, and that this party is all about her and her little muffin.

I want to create a cute and fun atmosphere with a Shabby Chic attitude. I think I am on the road to creating some awesome bits and pieces to make it memorable and fun. I am also going to use a mix of pink, yellow and purple for the main decorations.

Getting back to the title:  “How to Deliver Advice”

The idea popped into my head around Valentine’s Day when I saw the cute mailbox tins for Valentines. I thought, wouldn’t that be cute for A’s baby shower.  A keepsake full of wisdom that’s fun to play with *wink wink*.

I snatched up a mini mailbox and got to work on what to do with it. Since most people like to give the mom to be advice to live by, I figured she would enjoy something cute to put all those little cards in. I was against making a large display that would later be inconvenient and awkward so this was perfect for A.

She could keep it just about anywhere, close it or open it easily and it will be a constant reminder that we love her and her little muffin too.

Below, I added several pictures of the decorated mailbox. All I used was the mini Valentine’s Day tin mailbox, leftover ribbon and a glue gun. Keep in mind, that not only does adding ribbon or whatever else make it customizable, it also covers up any Valentine’s Day messages or characters.

You can find these in plain solid colors online. The only difference is that they will be pricey. Not so much the mailbox as the shipping.  I leave it to you to decide what to do on that one. LOL.

Part of the fun is decorating it anyway. LOL. With all the mini projects I am working on, I fell behind on this one but I think I finally made up for it by getting it done. ^_^


This is the fully decked out mailbox. I placed it on this tub for the photos so don’t mind the tub.


On this one, I added a load of ribbon to the open lid for fun. The mailbox itself only has ribbon on the outside.


Here is a better picture of the mailbox without the ribbon.


This last photo is an extreme close-up people like me who enjoy seeing the small details in everything.

Thank you for Reading!!

I hope this post brightens your day as much as it did mine. I also hope this post and my blog inspire you to have fun, be creative and enjoy life whenever you can. Have a Wonderful Day!


Korker Bow February 28, 2013

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Hello all. This is just a ribbon and things update. I bought some grosgrain ribbon, turned it into Korker ribbon and made a bow. Check out my purple, green and white korker bow.


I am officially awesome. Lol. ^_^ It is very cute. Let me know if you want a tutorial.

As always, thanks for reading!


And they Multiplied! February 26, 2013

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These are the headbands I set out to make and then some.


The Button Flower Headbands in two cute colors with a lot more possibilities.


The green and white headband with a cute star shaped accent in the center.  The orange and yellow is like a mini ruffle crown.


Here are the six I made with a mix of ribbons and buttons. I love buttons and ruffles so I combined the two.

My favorite combo is the purple headband with the oversized purple button and white ruffles.


This is another look at the headbands. Hope you have enjoyed them. Thanks for checking it out.

Remember to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Have a great week!

P.S. Sorry about the photo quality. My phone doesn’t always take the best pictures.



Homemade Headbands with Button Flowers February 24, 2013


Homemade Headbands with Button Flowers

These headbands a super cute and very simple to make. You can customize them with your favorite colors or add some cute details like mini leaves to give them a pop of color and personality. For the ones pictured here all you need are a few simple and low priced materials.

What You Will Need:


  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Ribbon (in any color(s) you like)*
  • Craft Buttons in two or more colors and sizes**
  • Ruler
  • A package of Clothing Elastic (I will try to include a photo)
  • Toothpick or small object to remove excess glue if  needed
  • Scissors

Note: * The size of the ribbon is 5/8 of an inch. You can use a wider ribbon in you like but I prefer a middle of the road option.

Note: ** The buttons can also be all the same for the flower petals and different in the center. It is based on your preferences.

What To Do:

  1. Measure out 12 inches of ribbon (in either color) and 1 inch of the elastic. Cut it and set it aside. This size is for newborn to three months.
  2. Measure out 14 inches of ribbon and two of elastic. Cut it and set it aside. This will fit most 3+ babies. Depending on how much your child grows it may even last until they are about a year old.
  3. Grab 4 large buttons and make a square. You can use one color or two for this part. These 4 buttons will make up the petals.
  4. Grab 1 large button and place on top of the square. Make sure it is centered. You can use the same color as the other buttons but I think it looks more like a flower if you use a different color for the center. NOTE: I topped mine off with a small button on top of the large one for a bit more color and depth. This is not necessary. It just depends on what you like.
  5. Once you have established the color pattern you like, glue the buttons together. To do this I took my center button and added a circle of glue around its outer edge. You don’t really need glue in the middle since your buttons will not reach that far in. Glue smaller button on (if you are using it). You may need the toothpick to remove any excess glue.
  6. NOTE: Your other option is to glue the petals together by gluing the edges. Then adding the center. (I prefer the first one. ) This method takes a lot of time and experience. You will need to work fast and be able to wipe off a glue as you put the petals together.
  7. Cut 2 pieces of green ribbon. You need about an inch each. Cut the edge at an angle to give it a sharp point.
  8. Grab your ribbon pieces and place on the one you like best. I made two versions of the headbands: One with “leaves” and one without. See which way you prefer it.
  9. Once you are ready, glue the leaves on the ribbon. I made an upside down “V” and used a tiny dab of glue. One thing to keep in mind is the placement of the button flower. I placed mine off to the side.
  10. Then glue your button flower on top of the leaves or straight onto the ribbon. Let it dry. It will do so quickly.
  11. Add a line of glue to the elastic. Stick to the ribbon. Make sure it is centered for the best results. Do the same to the other side to complete the circle. Check the ribbon and make sure it is all facing up.
  12. Let it dry for a 5 minutes. It will dry sooner than that but giving it five minutes will allow you to smooth out any bits of glue and to remove the excess. Now you are ready to go out and show off your headbands!


  • Pick up the headband and hang it upside down before use. If the flower buckles or does not seem to sit still on the ribbon, add a bit of glue to the ribbon to secure the petals.
  • Use your thumb to press down and smooth out the pieces as you glue them on.
  • Pay attention to the amount of glue you are using. A dab will usually be enough. Anymore will cause big globs of excess glue, which you will have to remove. In some cases you even have to start over because it is too much.
  • If you are having too much trouble gluing the buttons, scrape off the glue and start over. You may have used too much glue or not enough.


Try them and let me know how you like them in the comments section. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!!


It’s A Girl!

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February is the month of love and baby news. So as you can tell from the title, my dear friend A is having a girl. Yes, a little bouncy baby chica. ^_^

Now, I get to do it up in pink, yellow and even purple. The great girlie three, that is according to me of course. Beyond that I am more than glad to go all girlie for a change.

That’s when I had a fun idea: Homemade Headbands. I googled it and off I went with several ideas on how to get it done.

The first was to get several crochet style headbands and clip on bows, which the mom to be could mix and match.

My advice: Get different styles of bows and headbands in different solid colors.

The second thing I did was get small bows and clips. I figured putting those together will be a snap. Then the mother to be will have tons of options. Not just for the baby stage but also toddler and even beyond that.

The great thing is you can use the headbands as a special homemade gift or a baby shower activity.  I am going for the homemade gift type of thing since doing this as a shower activity might complicate my current plans.  The way I see it, everyone should feel free to do use one idea or the other.

You can even do both by making a few things before hand, gathering enough materials and preparing an area with plenty of room for friends and family to do their thing.

Hopefully, I will have time to fully write out the DIY instructions for this project and post them sometime this week. Until then, Thanks for Reading!!