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Wattpad! April 19, 2012

Filed under: Short Stories,Updates — Yaya @ 11:47 AM

Recently, I heard about wattpad.com and decided to check it.Guess, I was way behind the times, since I had never heard of it. Anyway, I joined a little over a month ago and posted “The Midnight Train,” which was on here a while back. Now, I am working on a new piece and another blog. I have had http://rokkitt.wordpress.com for a while but didn’t get to do much with it, since my son takes up my time. Now, I am going back and getting into it again. Lenny is my pen name, so if you want to check it my wattpad profile or my twitter click on one of the links below.

Thanks for Reading!!

Wattpad: Lenny Rokkitt

Twitter: @LennyRokkitt

WordPress: Lenny Rokkitt


P.S. I recently added a fan page on fb. Check it out: http://www.facebook.com/LennyRokkitt.