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D’s 3rd Birthday October 2, 2013

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Just realized that I totally forgot to post about my son’s 3rd birthday. I spaced and I apologize. Lol.

D’s 3rd birthday was a bbq. We had been bbq all summer and it seemed like the best way to go. We were totally right, btw.  Anyway, our theme was loosely Curious George, which was fun. A bright yellow and red party with extras.

Here are some pics:


My son and I getting ready to take a bunch ofb photos. As you can see we have some rainbow lunchbags as party favors, red and yellow star balloons, and candy jars.


We had candy jars with Curious George gummies, m n m’s, animal crackers and mixed chocolates like Hershey bars and twix. We also had silly string for the kids to play with.

We had pin the tail on the donkey and pin the butterfly on the log (Curious George version of pin the tail on the donkey). We also had bubbles for the kids.

In each favor bag there was an activity book, washable crayons, a glow stick, candy, a bouncy ball, a notepad, and a slinky. The kids had fun and the grown ups did too.

The adults enjoyed music and cocktails as we bbq. It was lots of fun.

A few more photos for fun.




Thanks for reading!


Yummy Candy Coated Oreos April 16, 2013

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I made a few of these yesterday and thought I’d share. Let me know what you think of my new molds.


Here are both patterns. One is striped and the other is polka dotted. ^_^

My favorite part is how easily you can customize the colors and use these for any kind of party.

Thanks for dropping by!


The Party! August 16, 2012

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Hello All!
The party itself was fun. We had food, music, Kinect and good friends. It was a very goofy party with plenty going on.

We used blue, red, green and yellow streamers. We also had a triangle flag banner with the same colors and balloons. The food, especially the cupcakes were an added perk that made decorating simpler. As far as the tables througout the party, I covered them with white linen tablecloths. I definetely kept it simple. I guess, you can think of it as a throwback.


I know it is hard to see in this picture but all the hallways were decorated with these “drum stripe” patterns. The ceiling had a mix of single color and dual color streamers zig-zagging back and forth. There were also a lot of twisted streamers accenting different areas.


They look kind of like this. Sorry about the pictures. I was exhausted after a long day of baking and getting things started (like maranating the chicken and pork for the party). This area had better lighting during the party but not so much for the decorating part the night before. Hence, the photos are a tad dark.

Anyway, the balloons were blown up the day of using some good old lung power. The linens were placed on the tables just before guests arrived along with the cupcakes and other snacks.


Everyone had plenty to do during the party. For the kids we had pin the tail (a classic), Frog Hunt (a game I put together myself), chalk drawing on the driveway, bubble blowing in the yard and fishing for prizes.

NOTE:For the fishing game we used a water table my son received as an early birthday gift and filled it with fake fish they could catch with mini fishing poles. Anyone who caught a fish got a big prize like card games and slinkies. Everyone got cookies for participating.

Pin the tail on the donkey is self explanatory and requires no work to put together. All you need to do is tape it where you want it and voila.


For Frog Hunt you need a sandbox, a pail and shovel and some toy frogs. I used some simple plastic jumping frogs. They are the kind you push down with one finger to make them jump.

The game is called Frog Hunt because you don’t tell the kids where you hid the frogs right away. What you do tell them is that they have have to go around to each activity and ask about the frogs. They need to ask if you have seen them or if your activity involves frogs. Seems a little hard but it helps get kids to talk and interact. The person helping with each activity replies that completing the activities will get you a clue.

What I told each person was that they needed to spell S-A-N-D by giving each group a clue. I also told them the kids had to go through the activities as a group the first time around to get the clues in order. Placing them in groups helped tremendously. That way each group gets the clue at the same time and no one gets “lost.”

By the end of the four activities they will know that they need to find sand. We don’t have a sandbox in our yard so I got a small plastic kids pool and filled it with sand. Then I buried the frogs. When it was time to look for the sandbox and frogs, I gave each one a plastic pail and shovel. Then I let them loose in my backyard. They dug up some frogs and other treasures.

NOTE: To keep the location of the frogs secret we held all the activities in the front yard and indoors the first time. Afterward we shifted everything to the backyard.

Once the kids got tired we had them come in for lunch and dessert. We also turned on the Kinect and let them play while we pulled out the snacks and extra drinks (juice boxes and water bottles). Once all that was done we let them play whatever they liked and handed out more prizes.

The favors were S’mores, the pail and shovels, whatever they dug up, the prizes they won and a trip to the candy and toy table.


Here are some of the things that went to the candy and toy table. As you can see there are some jars of candy and little toys. We also had popcorn. As soon as they got their stuff we sent them inside to sing happy birthday and eat some cupcakes. Afterward they got to check out their swag.

Overall, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. This was the kids part of the party so it definitely focused ony son and his friends. Later that night we had a more adult oriented party. The kids who were still around with their parents played on the Kinect or watched a movie in my son’s room. Most of the adults ate, drank and danced. It was lots of fun and we got some great pictures with our nice camera.
After reading about all the craziness I hope you are inspired to throw your own Summer party. Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Thanks for reading!


Cupcakes! August 6, 2012

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For the kids I made some vanilla cupcakes and topped them with some basic buttercream. What really made them special and added just enough cuteness to them was worms!

Oh yes. You read that correctly. But let me just clarify: sour gummy worms.


I just baked the cupcakes. Let them cool and frosted them with a very thin coat of white frosting. Priming them by adding that thin coat of frosting definitely paid off. They were moist and delicious several days later.

The next thing I did was make the buttercream frosting. Once that was done I put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes while I prepped the rest. I grabbed 2 bowls and set up a topping station. To make the dirt I crushed some Oreos (about 6 to start). Any brown (chocolate) sandwich cookie will do. The worms were sour gummy worms but you can use any you like. Sweet gummy worms are just as good.

Once each topping was in its bowl I took out the frosting and let it come to room temperature. I added as much green as I needed to make it look like grass. Then I used an open star tip to ice the cupcakes. I quickly sprinkled some crushed Oreos on top and added a little worm.




Party Favor #1! August 2, 2012

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I am just giving you a quick peek at the party favors I put together for the kids.

Check it out:


Yes!! S’mores!! ^_^

Yummy and always fantastic S’mores.

Anyway, I just grabbed some marshmallows, a mini chocolate bar and some graham crackers. Put them in a small treat bag and magic is made. It’s simple and easy to throw together quickly. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!



It’s that time of year again! July 30, 2012

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July and August are Birthday season in my house and many others. Winters are really cold around here. Lol. Anyway, last year I had a Sesame Street Party for my son’s First Birthday. It was fantastic! There was plenty of food, fun and Summer cheer to go around.

This year I am doing something a bit different. I am having a mini party for my son’s second birthday followed by a dance party for myself. Our birthdays are four days apart so I figured why not. That and the fact that my mom is visiting and keeps reminding me that sharing a birthday (sort of) doesn’t mean I need to stop celebrating mine all together. It makes sense but I really didn’t mind just having a party for my son. Admittedly, I will enjoy spending time with friends and birthdays are a great excuse to get together. ^_^

The point is I am having a large party that combines two birthdays of very different ages. At first, I wasn’t sure I knew where to start. Then it came to me. What is a party without the food? Not as fun.

That said, I came up with a menu and worked backwards. I wanted something fun and full of adventure. I also wanted a bit of magic and whimsy for my son. A two year old likes doing stuff… All the time. My son is active and imaginative so I thought about what I like to do during Summer. I like camping, swimming, fishing and eating outside (even when it feels like everything will catch fire).

Put that all together and you get this year’s overall theme:

I guess you must be wondering how magic and whimsy fit into this. Well, it is simple. Toddlers love to pretend and play. They like to eat and have fun. That is the magic of Summer. When you’re young, regular activities are magical. To help it along I am going to set up some fun activities and food.

At the top of the list I have a Sandbox Treasure Hunt, A noise maker parade and some Kite Flying. There are several other things in store for my little one and friends but you’ll have to check out my next post to find out how I will pull two birthdays and a simple theme together.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

P.S. I will provide instructions and activity ideas in my next post or two. ^_^


Decorating A Basic White Dessert Stand June 22, 2012

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As you may or may not know Summer is Birthday season, especially in my house. Currently, there are only two full on Summer birthdays but they are 4 days apart. Two out of four is quite exciting since there is only one child in that mix. ^_^

This year I decided to make Birthday Cupcakes. When I looked around the web I found a ton of fun ideas for stacking and showcasing cupcakes. The problem is that I am a stay at home mom with an active and helpful toddler. That means, I don’t have hours and hours to wrap a ton of tiny boxes with wrapping paper or tissue paper. I love the idea of showcasing my hard work but I don’t think I should work three to four times as hard to do it.

Here is what I came up with to showcase cupcakes without adding a lot more work to my plate.

What You’ll Need:
-Basic Plastic Cake Stand (reusable is better)
-Ribbon in Two different colors and widths (it is best to use the same colors scheme as your party)


Basic Cupcake Stand

The ribbons I used:


1. Set up the cake stand. This will make everything easier.
2. Measure the ribbon. What I did was just put a little bit of glue on the end of the ribbon and glued it to the stand. Then I went all the way around the first section. I gave myself some wiggle room by adding half an inch to overlap. Then I pulled it off the stand to cut.
3. Cut the ribbon. Measure the second ribbon by laying it on top of the first and making each end meet. Once both ribbons are cut you are ready to begin. (You can measure and cut the ribbon for each layer before going on to the next step. For some people it is easier to do it one by one. Do what you prefer.)
4. Take the gluestick and cover the underside of the skinnier ribbon.
5. Place the skinnier ribbon in the center of the wider ribbon and press. This will give you a simple but elegant look.


Ribbons glued together

6. Let it dry (it won’t take long).
7. Add glue to top half of the back of the wider ribbon. The top half works better for the cupcake stand I have but you can always add more if you want. I just think letting the bottom half hang looks nice.
8. Glue the edge to the stand and press.
9. Slowly go around the edge and press ribbon to glue it on. You may need a little extra glue depending on how quickly you do it. Make sure the ribbon meets the top edge of the stand for consistency.
10. Once you have gone all the way around add a little bit of extra glue to end where it will overlap and press. This will help it stick a lot better. Holding this area for a few seconds sticks it together better. You can also use a clothespin or something similar to clip it.
11. Repeat steps 7-10 to finish decorating the stand.
12. Add cupcakes or other desserts and enjoy!



The finished product is simple with sleek and elegant accents. This little touch can go a long way to personalizing the dessert/cupcake stand for your event. The other great thing is that once you are done if you want to use it for another event it is easy to change the colors. Just pull off the ribbon, wash well (paying particular attention to the area where you glued the ribbon) and dry. Then you are ready to decorate it again.

The other great thing is that you can get as creative as you want. The basic design is a perfect base for a lot of different styles so get creative and have fun.

Thanks for reading! ^_^