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Diaper Cake DIY August 28, 2013

Do It Yourself Diaper Cake

What You Will Need:

1. A box of diapers (any brand is fine).
2. Rubber bands at least 6 large ones.
3. Clean round bowls or cake pans in different sizes.
4. Twine or curling ribbon.
5. Decorative ribbon and goodies for baby.
6. Dowel rod.

What To Do:

1. Put the diapers in a spiral and form a circle as shown. Use the cake pan to help you keep the shape.
2. Tie with two to three large rubber bands.
3. Repeat with second and third tiers.
4. Tie with curling ribbon.
5. Stack and place dowel rod in the middle.
6. Decorate with wide colorful ribbons and toys, hair accessories and baby goodies.







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