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The Girl Arrives! June 25, 2013

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After all the waiting and the planning the girl is nearly ready to be born. She is pushing and shoving as she struggles with the idea and instinct of staying in or getting out. She wants to leave her warm womb apartment and venture into the world; unafraid.

Instead, she waits. She holds on trying to maintain the initial nine month lease, as if that was an option. Not yet realizing that her long awaited arrival refuses to wait any longer.

Try as she might to bide her time, it continues to tick forward mercilessly. And at the end of the day it is for the best. She will arrive to the tears of joy and happiness.

She will meet her mother and cry for the first time as cold air fills her lungs. She will feel the need to be held and hugged. She will experience an abundance of love that will quickly and successfully replace her womb home.

That is the point at which life will sweep her of her feet so she has no reason to look back in regret. It is then, that the girl arrives. A happy, bouncing baby girl.


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