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It’s A Girl! February 24, 2013

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February is the month of love and baby news. So as you can tell from the title, my dear friend A is having a girl. Yes, a little bouncy baby chica. ^_^

Now, I get to do it up in pink, yellow and even purple. The great girlie three, that is according to me of course. Beyond that I am more than glad to go all girlie for a change.

That’s when I had a fun idea: Homemade Headbands. I googled it and off I went with several ideas on how to get it done.

The first was to get several crochet style headbands and clip on bows, which the mom to be could mix and match.

My advice: Get different styles of bows and headbands in different solid colors.

The second thing I did was get small bows and clips. I figured putting those together will be a snap. Then the mother to be will have tons of options. Not just for the baby stage but also toddler and even beyond that.

The great thing is you can use the headbands as a special homemade gift or a baby shower activity.  I am going for the homemade gift type of thing since doing this as a shower activity might complicate my current plans.  The way I see it, everyone should feel free to do use one idea or the other.

You can even do both by making a few things before hand, gathering enough materials and preparing an area with plenty of room for friends and family to do their thing.

Hopefully, I will have time to fully write out the DIY instructions for this project and post them sometime this week. Until then, Thanks for Reading!!


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