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Geek It To Me December 31, 2012

I love goofing off and enjoying family time. But every once in a while I have to have geeky project time or a nerdy night. The point is I find myself in need of a great project to motivate me and get my creative juices flowing.

In trying to come up with an idea, it occured to me that I have never really looked at pinterest. I don’t have an account and I don’t care to “pin” anything. I mean, I have seen entries on pinterest because of stumble upon and google searches where the images mostly come from pinterest. But I have not personally gone to pinterest to seek or search for anything.

Today, I said to hell with it and did my best to find something. Here’s what I came up with as far as search ideas: Baby showers, food and DIY

With that I set off to google. I quickly decided to search for Baby Shower DIY. I found lots of printing and label making as well as diaper cakes (which I plan to make). Then I hit on a dollar store crafts pinterest page. It was awesome.

This person put together some great tips and ideas. I loved it.

You can check it out at:

So here is my version of a cool project for making your own apothecary jars – MODIFIED


Now it doesn’t look like much but it will be awesome once it is done. Trust me. You will be happy. ^_^

What You Will Need:
2 Candle holders
1 Vase (I like the rounded ones)
Fix it all super glue
Some anti-scuff circles (the kind you put on furniture legs to keep it from damaging the floor)

What To Do:

1. Stack your vase on the candle holder. See if you love the look because once you glue it, you get what you put together.
2. Place an anti-scuff circle on the top of the candle holder where the vase and candle holder meet.
3. Then place one on the center of the vase. Make sure to stick it on the candle holder and vase really well.
4. Put some fix it all glue on the anti-scuff circle. It needs to cover the circle completely.
5. Affix the vase to the candle holder by making both anti-scuff circles meet.
6. Press down and clean up excess glue. Do this carefully so nothing extra sticks to your jar.
7. Carefully weigh your jar down and set aside to cure (harden). I let mine harden overnight. I used a coke can and some regular cans on top of that. Be really careful not to drop things in because you will break or chip the jar.


8. Once it is cured, place the other candle holder on top to act like a lid.

Fill and enjoy. I filled mine with some light purple meringues and added some tissue paper on top for a cutesy look. It is a simple jar dressed up like a ballerina.

For more projects go to http://pinterest.com/heathermann1/dollar-store-crafts/

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!

Thanks for reading!!


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