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Another November… November 5, 2012

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Another November has come around and I am trying to write a novel. Not for the sweet and simple pleasure of getting it done. Oh no. I am attempting to complete the NaNoWriMo challenge: 50,000 WORDS in a MONTH. I tried it last year but it quickly fell apart.

I had worked hard during October to make plenty of time, come November. Instead, it got crazy. I had family come over for a surprise two week visit. It was a pleasant visit but it left little time to write. Then a lot of things needed to be renewed (like auto insurance), which meant being on the phone since we were switching to a new company for home and auto insurance. Any who, I am giving it another shot. 🙂

Last Year:

I started writing about two girls who meet at a bar, end up fighting and become friends. Each one later discovers that their friendship is going to be impossible to maintain. One dreams of becoming a cop. The other is destined to take over the her unsavory family business. Sad part is, I only have a few chapters. I never finished it, which is really sad because I was very excited about it. My goal is to continue this novel once I am done with NaNoWriMo.

This Year:

I am writing an unconventional romance novel for young adults. I am calling it “Love Smells Like Strawberries.” It’s about the life of a high school girl who has had enough of the cliques and the popular crowd. At first, she tries to change who she is to be popular but that is quickly dashed away. She soon realizes there are not enough trendy clothes in the world to change people’s mind about the clique system they’ve grown accustomed to. So how will she survive high school, making friends and even falling in love?

Well, that last one is the question I am setting out to answer but you get the idea. Wish me luck!!

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As always, thank you for reading! 🙂


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