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It’s that time of year again! July 30, 2012

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July and August are Birthday season in my house and many others. Winters are really cold around here. Lol. Anyway, last year I had a Sesame Street Party for my son’s First Birthday. It was fantastic! There was plenty of food, fun and Summer cheer to go around.

This year I am doing something a bit different. I am having a mini party for my son’s second birthday followed by a dance party for myself. Our birthdays are four days apart so I figured why not. That and the fact that my mom is visiting and keeps reminding me that sharing a birthday (sort of) doesn’t mean I need to stop celebrating mine all together. It makes sense but I really didn’t mind just having a party for my son. Admittedly, I will enjoy spending time with friends and birthdays are a great excuse to get together. ^_^

The point is I am having a large party that combines two birthdays of very different ages. At first, I wasn’t sure I knew where to start. Then it came to me. What is a party without the food? Not as fun.

That said, I came up with a menu and worked backwards. I wanted something fun and full of adventure. I also wanted a bit of magic and whimsy for my son. A two year old likes doing stuff… All the time. My son is active and imaginative so I thought about what I like to do during Summer. I like camping, swimming, fishing and eating outside (even when it feels like everything will catch fire).

Put that all together and you get this year’s overall theme:

I guess you must be wondering how magic and whimsy fit into this. Well, it is simple. Toddlers love to pretend and play. They like to eat and have fun. That is the magic of Summer. When you’re young, regular activities are magical. To help it along I am going to set up some fun activities and food.

At the top of the list I have a Sandbox Treasure Hunt, A noise maker parade and some Kite Flying. There are several other things in store for my little one and friends but you’ll have to check out my next post to find out how I will pull two birthdays and a simple theme together.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

P.S. I will provide instructions and activity ideas in my next post or two. ^_^


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