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Moved In and Done August 3, 2011

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Done moving in and hosting my little one’s first birthday party. It was scary and exciting. I also feel like it went by too fast. I am still very happy though.

The party went well. We had a good mix of Sesame Street and regular party decorations. The cake was also very cute. I made two cakes. One was Elmo and the other was the Cookie Monster. Both ultra cute.

I had two large tables decked out in Sesame Street cakes and snacks. We also had a present table. It rained for quite a while so we kept the party inside. We had party basics like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a pinata. I also had a guess how much game. The winner took the jar and all the candy.

It was all in good fun. My little one ate and giggled nearly the entire time. Then he smashed his baby cake and covered himself in chocolate. All great fun. Hopefully, I will have more time to go into more detail soon.

Thanks for reading!!


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