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We Got the House!! July 16, 2011

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We finally got our house. Very awesome. We are so happy. Buying a house seems like the norm for a lot of people. For us, it was a lot of work and sacrifice to get started. Going from living in an attic to renting a small house to buying a house twice the size of our rental home was just amazing.

Everything seemed to fall into place this year. So much so, we could not help but hug each other and smile. We are going to continue working hard and doing what we can to better ourselves. We are also very thankful to everyone for their help and support. Thank you again.

We are very lucky and hope everyone finds themselves as happy as we are. Thank you for helping us become better people and raise our son to be even better. We are glad to have you in our lives. We love you all. Thanks for everything. ^_^


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