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Letting the World End One Day at a Time July 9, 2011

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Supernatural disc 2 was fantastic! It was a fun ride. I loved the goofy episodes that brought a lot of loose ends to fruition. This season also brought together the seriousness necessary for their end of the world theme. I am loving every second of it. This a chance for family time and some relaxation. ^_^

After a wonderful dinner and some good news, I am getting some time to think and enjoy it all. Today was also wonderful because my husband made dinner. What did he make: Tuna Steaks with Edamame!

Dinner was great! I ate and I laughed as our little one giggled and ate with us. He was adorable. He was also a fan of the Tuna Steaks. It was really cool. I truly do enjoy seeing my little man eating a variety of food. After he ate the Tuna he tried some Edamame which he seemed to enjoy.

I am proud to say my little man is one well rounded boy. He loves to eat and try new things. That just made my day. ^_^


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