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The Anthony Case and All the Buzz July 7, 2011

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Today there were a lot of shows talking Casey Anthony and how she got away with killing her daughter or how well the system worked. No one seems to be able to decide what actually happened to Caylee or what the outcome of the trial symbolizes. It seems like the trial was all a big show and there was nothing but a circus. Neither side really won. A little girl is still dead and there are still a lot of unanswered questions. At the end of the day, it is another tragic cautionary tale.

People still can’t really trust other people and there is no way to know whose truth is the truth… I know that was vague. I also know that there is always room for more than one solution. I am sad to say that there was just too much at stake all at once during this trial for the jury to decide on.

Aside from that, the situation with the Casey Anthony case is in some ways the Apocalypse for law and people as we know it. Why do I make such a shocking claim? I am making this claim because I feel like people need to open their eyes. They need to look beyond the verdict and look at the aftershock. One example is all the groups that suddenly sprang up asking for signatures for “Caylee’s Law.”

This law would make it a crime not to report a child or infant’s death within an hour of its occurrence. The shocked and traumatized people who have lost a child may suffer the penalty of law over an accident. I don’t think this drastic measure is a good idea. These things need time and consideration; not anger. A riled up crowd will say and do as it pleases.

It is never good when people are looking to pass laws and change current ones without really thinking. I do think it is important to pass a law that requires parents and guardians to report missing children within 24 hours. This is very important to keep children safe and help find them when they go missing. I see the idea of having to think clearly within the first hour of an incident as logical but not completely realistic.

I can’t seem to stress how difficult it is not to panic when something small happens. I can’t imagine a law that would harm families any further. Maybe I am not seeing clearly because I have formed my own opinions about the Casey Anthony Case. In the end, the most I could wish for is clear and thorough thinking from people and lawmakers alike.

Thanks for reading and good night!


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